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The mail-order business is an extremely valuable tool for Network Marketing. Advertising is the most important aspect of any successful on-line Home Based Business utilizing mail-order ads.

The mail-order ad must really stand out (spectacular and dynamic) to attract the eye and interest of each and every reader. The advertisement must gain the attention of your prospective buyers so they will pause to read your eye-popping ad. The ad must be powerful in terms of attracting attention to your unique product or website.

The proper use of your headline must quickly gain attention to the informed public. The headline needs to create information that is beneficial to your readers. Does it solve a problem they have, create the feeling of happiness in their lives or makeD them enormous amounts of money? If it fails to attract this kind of attention, then your readers will not continue to read the remainder of your advertisement.

You must also remember to be honest and morally ethical to your readers. Dishonesty is no place for your mail-order ads or business for that matter. The Federal Trade and Fair Practices Commission is responsible to traffic this kind of behavior.

The benefits of your mail-order ad must be addressed significantly to your readers. Write your ad to your readers as if you were speaking directly to them in person. Using you several times enforces the concept that you are talking directly to them.

Keep you mail-order ad simple, clear and most importantly, you do not want to confuse the reader. Write in a language they understand in layman terms. You must be on target to your unique audience and explain to them the benefits they will receive from your offer.

Another extremely important part of advertising is to study your competition as they write and publish their own mail-order ads. Write your ads similar to the competition but improve on them so your mail-order ad exceeds them by leaps and bounds. Use your own creativeness to sell your products to the informed public.

Advertising, that is quality advertising can not be stressed enough in the mail-order business. Quality is a very important factor in determining the success of your mail-order ads. Apply these principles in your mail-order ads. They have worked for many advertisers and THEY CAN WORK FOR YOU.

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The Air Jordan V "3Lab5" Just Got a Release Date

The Air Jordan V "3Lab5" Just Got a Release Date
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Fired Up: Smokers' Group Suing NYC Over E-Cigarette Restaurant Ban

Fired Up: Smokers' Group Suing NYC Over E-Cigarette Restaurant Ban
The group, Citizens Lobbying Against Smoker Harassment, charged in a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court that the ban is illegal because it has nothing to do with protecting New Yorkers from second hand smoke – the purpose of the original smoking …
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John Haggerty, GOP operative who stole from Bloomberg, goes back to prison
Haggerty lost his latest appeal in June when his Manhattan Supreme Court conviction was upheld by the New York State Court of Appeals, the state's highest court. He was out on bail pending the results of that ruling. He was supposed to surrender to …
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New York Lead Poisoning Lawyers Obtain $3 Million Verdict

BRONX, New York (PRWEB) October 11, 2013

New York lead poisoning lawyers at Levy Konigsberg LLP (“LK”) reported today that yesterday afternoon at 4:38, following a four week trial in the NYS Supreme Court before Judge Norma Ruiz, a Bronx jury awarded a young girl $ 3 Million for brain injuries she suffered as a result of being lead poisoned in her family’s apartment when she was five years old in 2004*. The child’s mother was satisfied that justice had been done and that her daughter would be compensated by the owner and the managing agent of the building where they lived at the time the incident occurred.

Prior to the jury hearing the case, a determination was made by the Court that the owner was responsible for the conditions existing in the apartment and for the girl’s lead poisoning as a result of their negligence, and the jury had to determine whether the managing agent was also responsible and whether the child had suffered any damages as a result of her lead poisoning.

According to the complaint, the child had only lived in that one apartment following her birth, and, during the entire time she lived there, through the age of five, the family constantly complained about damaged paint conditions existing in the apartment. The child’s mother testified that although the damaged conditions were repaired, they were never repaired adequately. As per the court documents, as a result of her exposure to lead, at the age of five, shortly before the child was to attend kindergarten, she was diagnosed with a blood lead level of 19 micrograms per deciliter, which is almost double the definition of lead poisoning set by the New York State Department of Health and the Federal Centers for Disease Control. Although her lead level dropped to 13 in October 2004, and to 8 in May 2005, the permanent brain damage caused by lead poisoning had already occurred.

Lead poisons the brain and the central nervous system of children at levels of 10 micrograms per deciliter and higher. It is mistaken by the child’s body as calcium, and is stored in the child’s bones. It is also mistaken by the child’s body as iron, and it is carried in the blood and stored in the child’s body’s soft tissue and in her brain. Lead is especially toxic to children under the age of seven, as that is the age when brain development occurs. That is the age when the brain develops the bridges over which information travels, is stored, processed, and retained. Lead impacts the growth and development of dendrites, the finger-like endings, which allow brain cells to communicate with each other. It also impacts the myelin, which is a coating that allows brain cells to communicate quickly with each other, and it interferes with neurotransmitters in the brain, which are chemical substances in the brain that allow the transfer of impulses between brain cells. As a result, lead poisoning causes reduced intelligence, cognitive impairments, learning disabilities, attention problems, and behavioral issues. Since these changes are physical they are permanent and irreversible. Although these changes cannot be seen on an MRI or on an x-ray, they have been reported by scientists and researchers from the CDC and other well respected institutions, which have performed autopsies on lead poisoned children who have died from other causes.

According to court documents, plaintiff’s attorney called experts in the fields of psychology, pediatrics and economics to assist the jury in understanding how the child’s ingestion of lead in her apartment impacted her brain development, injured her, and how those injuries have affected her. These experts informed the jury that as a result of her lead poisoning her intelligence had been reduced and that she suffered specific learning disabilities in writing and reading comprehension. They further testified that as a result of her injuries she no longer had the ability to complete a four year college program and would not be able to achieve twelfth grade proficiency. As a result of her injuries and her reduced ability to obtain an education, the economist testified that her future job opportunities would be limited and her lifetime earnings over her work life would be reduced by almost $ 2.5 million dollars.

As per court documents, the jury of five women and one man rejected the arguments by the managing agent that it was only responsible to provide back office services to the owner of the building and that it was not responsible for painting, repairs or maintenance of the individual apartments in the building, including the child’s apartment. The jury also rejected the managing agent’s argument that the child was not damaged as a result of her lead poisoning and that she still had average intelligence and would still be able to graduate from high school and go on to graduate from a four year college program. The experts called by the defendants argued that the child’s intelligence was in the average range, that she was never placed in a special education program or diagnosed with learning disabilities and that she was never left back a grade in school. These experts also argued that whatever difficulties the child was having in school were caused as a result of her attending a school that had received a rating of “F” from the NYC Board of Education and not the result of her lead poisoning. Finally, the defendant argued that the child would have no future lost income because all of her future job opportunities would still be available to her.

The owner was unrepresented at trial. The managing agent was represented by Timothy Gallagher of McMahon, Martine & Gallagher, LLP, with offices in Brooklyn, New York.

For more than two decades, lead poisoning lawyers of Levy Konigsberg LLP have consistently won landmark decisions and obtained for their led poisoned clients some of the largest jury awards and settlements in the nation.

For more information about this or other lead poisoning lawsuits, please contact Levy Konigsberg LLP at 212-605-6200 or 1-800-988-8005, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

L.R.O v. Langsam Property Services Corp., Index No. 13063/2006 (N.Y. Super, Bronx County).

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EarthRise SoundSystem’s Hard-Hitting, Percussion-Driven “Rock Beats Paper” CD, Out Now on Black Swan Sounds, Pays Homage to the Dance Floor As Well As the Yoga Studio

Boulder, CO (PRWEB) October 25, 2013

In the classic children’s game of coordination and chance, certain laws were instilled in our youthful minds: rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper, paper beats rock. EarthRise SoundSystem’s second full-length album, Rock Beats Paper (Out 10/22 on Yoga Organix Records/Black Swan Sounds), flips the script by acting as a wake-up call to the consequences of allowing material gain to be more important than the earth that’s given birth to us.

“For so long the paper of money has been beating out rock—the elements, the resources of this planet—and that’s all changing,” says producer/percussionist David ‘Duke Mushroom’ Schommer. “The time has come for that to be revalued. The game has been rigged all along, as the lyric says. Clearly our planet’s resources are worth more than our paper money.”

After reaching #5 on the iTunes World chart and receiving accolades from the NY Times, Boston Globe, Yoga Journal, MTV and NBC Weekend Today with their debut, The Yoga Sessions, Schommer and Derek Beres return with hard-hitting, percussion-driven rhythms tempered by a wide range of melodic influences, from India, Pakistan, Jamaica, Brazil, Peru and America.

“The first album was specifically designed to match the arc of a flow yoga class,” says Beres, a Los Angeles-based yoga instructor and DJ. “With this album, we decided to pay homage to the dance floor as well as the yoga studio. Duke really lets his percussive versatility shine throughout all eleven songs; as a DJ, I’m thrilled to go this route.”

The album’s two lead singles, ‘Let’s Get Together’ and ‘In Love,’ feature NY-based emcee Srikala, whose Srikalogy project is rapidly giving this young artist a reputation as a skillful producer and vocalist. The bass-fueled vibes feature dynamic soul vocalist C.C. White (her unique soul twist to mantra is all over her debut, This is Soul Kirtan!), and Verve recording artist Lucy Woodward, who has been featured on popular soundtracks (Ice Princess, Accepted), and is currently on tour as Rod Stewart’s lead back-up singer. Woodward was also featured on EarthRise’s debut, singing on ‘Daylight as Sunset.’

Beats are the most prominent feature throughout, especially on ‘Shiva’s Dance Hall,’ a capoeira-inspired cruiser with heavy dancehall flavor. Forro in the Dark vocalist and capoerista Davi Vieira raps in Portuguese while longtime EarthRise collaborator MC Yogi chants a mantra devoted to the Indian lord of destruction and rebirth over a bass-driven soundscape of Brazilian berimbau and percussion.

Dancehall vibes continue on ‘You Lovin’ Me,’ also featuring berimbau with a Jamaican twist via Camille Armstrong, who Schommer met while they performed together in the groundbreaking production, STOMP. Armstrong brings serious patois while Srikala returns for his third verse and Ramin Sakurai of Supreme Beings of Leisure adds his signature Rhodes. The anthemic ‘Earth to the Sun’ features Karsh Kale front man Vishal Vaid. His ethereal Ghazal vocals soar above the punchy rhythm and live santur from pioneering performer, Max ZT, who was called the ‘Jimi Hendrix of Hammered Dulcimer’ by NPR.

The album’s title track, ‘Rock Beats Paper,’ features singer and actor Kevin Mambo, who played Fela Kuti in the Broadway musical Fela! and also toured with The Book of Mormon. Having performed with EarthRise in the past on saxophone, Mambo was the perfect choice for this politically-leaning Afrobeat jam. C.C. White lends her voice on the hook of this powerful and timely song, while Shahar Mintz of NYC reggae outfit Meta and the Cornerstones adds searing guitars to the mix.

‘Canamo Medico’ is a remarkable blend of styles featuring Mesta Meni and Chonon Quena chanting Shipibo icaros of the Peruvian rain forest over a rootsy cumbia beat driven by flutes and drums.

“Over the past three years I’ve focused on integrating what I’m hearing in my head from all different world music influences and the rhythmic backgrounds that I come from,” says Schommer. “With this record, they have become more galvanized and refined. We asked ourselves, what if we just took the gloves off and played heavier, while being more playful? We wanted rhythms that make us dance and celebrate our bodies.”

As high energy as this album is, spaciousness proves equally important. Marti Nikko Bradley, collaborator and wife of DJ Drez, steps in to sing on the sensual, soulful ‘Massage My Mind,’ while folk singer Renata Younglood croons over the delightfully chill ‘Always.’

Fully aware of the community that supported their debut, any EarthRise SoundSystem record would not be complete without a nod to the yoga community. ‘Bhavani’ features Sheela Bringi on vocals, flutes and harmonium, as well as cellist Dave Eggar on strings (who also plays throughout the record). The album’s closer, ‘Caravan Dream,’ is fueled by Schommer’s percussion and Go-Ray’s elegant sitar performance; the nearly seven-minute instrumental journey is perfect for the studio, or whatever flow you find yourself partaking in.

“I borrowed the EarthRise title from Joseph Campbell’s work,” says Beres, musing over the larger scope of the project. “When the astronauts took the first picture of the ‘earthrise’ over the moon’s horizon, we had a visual representation of the unity of our planet. That’s what we’re striving to achieve with all of our music. By exploring the sounds of the world, we’re linking back to a common source we all share: the love of rhythm and melody.”

Tracklist: Rock Beats Paper

1. Let’s Get Together (feat. Srikala & C.C. White) 3:53

2. Rock Beats Paper (feat. Kevin Mambo) 6:22

3. Canamo Medico (feat. Metsa Meni & Chonon Quena) 5:34

4. In Love (feat. Srikala & Lucy Woodward) 3:32

5. Bhavani (feat. Sheela Bringi & Dave Eggar) 5:29

6. Shiva’s Dance Hall (feat. Davi Vieira & MC Yogi) 4:45

7. Massage My Mind (feat. Marti Nikko & Ramin Sakurai) 6:29

8. Earth to the Sun (feat. Vishal Vaid & Max ZT) 5:25

9. You Lovin’ Me (feat. Camille Armstrong & Srikala) 4:43

10. Always (feat. Renata Youngblood & Dave Eggar) 4:41

11. Caravan Dream (feat. Go-Ray & Duke) 6:40

Performance Apparel Industry: 2013 Business Update, Innovations and Product Developments Analysis in New Reports at

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) December 17, 2013

Performance Apparel Markets: Product Developments and Innovations 3rd Quarter 2013 report provides information on the latest developments in: fabrics for protective apparel; fabric treatments; fibres and yarns for performance apparel; new materials for sports equipment; performance apparel for water sports; smart clothing; and sportswear. The report also includes news from the following innovative companies and other organizations: HeiQ, Hexoskin, Huntsman Textile Effects, Nike, NSP, Oceans Institute at the University of Western Australia, Shark Attack Mitigation Systems (SAMS), Tanatex, Teijin Frontier and TenCate Protective Fabrics.

Complete report available at .

Purchase a copy of this report at .

Table of Contents


Fabrics for Protective Apparel

TenCate Protective Fabrics has developed two new types of fabric for use in the manufacture of firefighters’ turnout gear

Fabric Treatments

HeiQ has developed a new fabric treatment called Glider

Huntsman Textile Effects has developed a new fabric treatment called EverGlide

Tanatex has developed two new water repellent fabric treatments which are free from fluorocarbons

Fibres and Yarns for Performance Apparel

Teijin Frontier has developed a high performance stretch yarn called Solotex OO

NSP has developed a new range of surfboards and paddleboards made from coconut husk fibres

Performance Apparel for Water Sports

Shark Attack Mitigation Systems (SAMS) and scientists from the Oceans Institute at the University of Western Australia have jointly developed two new wetsuits which help to prevent shark attacks

Smart Clothing

Hexoskin has developed a new T-shirt fitted with sensors which can analyse movements, breathing patterns and heart rate activity


Nike has developed a new range of women’s sportswear called Nike Pro Elite

Nike has developed a new waterproof sports jacket for golfers

List of Figures

Performance Apparel Markets: Business Update, 3rd Quarter 2013 ( .) report provides information, analysis and valuable insight on developments relating to the performance apparel industry in the following categories: acquisitions, divestments and mergers; company strategy; corporate social responsibility (CSR); financial results; investments; joint ventures, cooperation, licensing and distribution; new brands; and new stores. Companies, other organisations and brands examined in this report include Adidas, Ark, Authentic Brands Group, Burlington Industries, Chogori India Retail, Columbia Sportswear, Future Lifestyle Fashions, Heightsport, Iconix India, Jack Wolfskin, JD Sports Fashion, LF Asia, LF USA, Lids Sports Group, Macy’s, Matalan, Nike, Outdoor Industries Association Social Responsibility Working Group (OIA SRWG), Palmetto Synthetics, Patagonia, Perry Ellis International, Puma, Quiksilver, Sporting Pro, Sports Direct, Spyder Active Sports, Teijin Aramid, Tesco, Toren, Umbro, Under Armour, Unifi, US Air Force and VF Corporation.

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Table of contents


Acquisitions, Divestments and Mergers

Authentic Brands Group has acquired Spyder Active Sports

JD Sports Fashion has acquired the fashion apparel retailer Ark

Company Strategy

Macy’s will expand its offering of sportswear and activewear in a bid to attract a greater number of millennial consumers

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Patagonia has officially launched a new garment recycling scheme in four of its stores in the USA following a successful pilot period

The Outdoor Industries Association Social Responsibility Working Group (OIA SRWG) has launched a new online guidebook to help outdoor apparel companies to comply with corporate social responsibility (CSR) guidelines

Financial Results


Second quarter 2013

First half 2013

Columbia Sportswear

Second quarter 2013

First half 2013


Perry Ellis International



Second quarter 2013

First half 2013


Under armour


Fourth quarter 2012/13


VF Corporation


Teijin Aramid will invest ¥4.5 bn in developing a new meta-aramid fibre and building a new manufacturing facility in Thailand

Joint Ventures, Cooperation, Licensing and Distribution

Burlington Industries has won a contract from the US Air Force relating to the supply of microdenier polyester fabric

Columbia Sportswear has entered into a distribution agreement with Chogori India Retail

Iconix India has entered into a licensing agreement with Future Lifestyle Fashions relating to the distribution of the Umbro brand in India

Macy’s has entered into a licensing agreement with Lids Sports Group relating to the opening of new sportswear concessions inside Macy’s stores

Unifi has entered into a manufacturing and distribution agreement with Palmetto Synthetics

New Brands

A new brand of performance apparel called Toren will be launched in spring 2014

New Stores

Jack Wolfskin has opened its first store in South America

Matalan has opened a new chain of sportswear and sports equipment stores in the UK called Sporting Pro

Sports Direct is in discussions with Tesco relating to the opening of Sports Direct stores inside Tesco hypermarkets

List of Tables

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About Us: is an online database of regional industry research reports, company profiles and SWOT analysis studies for multiple industries, organizations and market segments. Our sales and research experts offer 24 X 7 supports to our customers through phone and email communication.