Fall street style hits the DU campus

Fall street style hits the DU campus
Fashion at DU is currently filled with Birkenstocks, button-ups and pastel shorts, but it's finally starting to cool down outside. As summer is rolling into fall, check out what DU students are wearing on campus. Ikenna makes her mark on the DU campus …
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Lagerfeld firmly in the style high club with 'Chanel Airlines' show
It's evident from Lagerfeld's masterfully produced Chanel fashion shows that he fully grasps the first law of theme-party planning: Pay attention to the details. Tantamount to the theme was the idea of the worldwide jetsetter, as evidenced by layered, …
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How to Build a Robot

Robots have always been a staple of science-fiction stories. But unlike aliens and flying saucers, these mechanized marvels have long since become a part of the real world. What’s even more amazing is that one need not be a mad scientist or a super-genius to create one. Provided one is mechanically-inclined, learning how to build a robot shouldn’t be too hard.

Realistically, of course, building a robot is not an easy task. It takes a great bit of planning and ingenuity. And while no one should expect to end up bringing to life their own personal Terminator or Transformer, one may at least be able to put together a functioning electronic wonder that wouldn’t look too shabby standing next to the likes of an R2D2.

To figure out how to build a robot, it is important that one knows what its purpose will be. It could be something as simple as a mouse-like miniature mecha on wheels or as elaborate as a rip-roaring competition-worthy battle-bot. It also helps to keep abreast on the trends of both amateur and professional robotics projects from all over the world. One would surely glean valuable information as well as anticipate the difficulties they would encounter as they begin construction of their robot.

Knowing what the robot’s function will be makes it easier to come up with a design suitable for the planned objective and to determine what components will be needed to enable it to perform its designated task effectively. One should also take their finances into consideration. If one opts to assemble a simple small robot, it is possible to make do with cheaper materials. But larger more sophisticated machines would certainly require higher-grade and much more expensive materials, so one must be well-funded if one opts for something more complex.

Once done with the robot’s body, it’s time to work on its power system. One should take into account the type of batteries to be used and come up with an efficient method for recharging. The next step is to pick the drive system appropriate for the robot’s given task. If one decides to use micro controllers, the most effective options to go with are either Basic Stamp or AVR chips. If one chooses a computerized drive system, one should be aware of the programs and components applicable to the robot’s function.

The last step is installing the sensors, which are basically the robot’s eyes and ears. Once the robot is complete, all that is left is to test it. See if the chassis holds up, if the power and drive systems keep it running efficiently and if the sensors keep it from stumbling blindly. Should anything go wrong, it would be wise to consult an expert robot builder for help. If all goes well, one may pat themselves with a mechanical hand on the back for having learned how to build a robot.

Robots have long fired-up our imagination because, out of all other sci-fi concepts, it is the one that is the most attainable in reality. At the moment, we have learned how to build a robot that may be much simpler than the colossal automatons that have graced the movie screens. But as technology develops and our knowledge of it broadens, we may yet learn how to bring to life our dream machines exactly as we dream them.

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Scalping FX Robot Review

In Forex terminology the method which the SCALPING FX ROBOT uses is called “scalping”. It’s 100% legal, and often used by experienced traders to make money by taking a few pips profit at a time. This scalping method allows mostly profitable trades to be open since the robot knows the direction of the price move within the next few seconds. The question is only “how much” it makes. Sometimes only 1 or 2 pips. But occasionally even 10 or 20 pips in just one, two, up to 30 seconds.

And this is where the SCALPING FX ROBOT does its intelligence – evaluating accurately the currency prices on different markets and at different brokers.

Most robots and programs being marketed and sold on the internet, show you past results and ALSO show you only the best performance! Not the “average.” So their information is totally misleading to the average inexperienced Forex trader.  For example, they will isolate and highlight a specific 3 or even 6 consecutive months period that the forex trading robot made money. But they will not show you the rest of the year or contiguous months when the robot lost money! 

However, with SCALPING FX ROBOT, you will be able to see “REAL-TIME” results on existing accounts. This is the most convincing hard proof that this automated forex system works and makes money. You will be able to watch the results live. Every day from Monday to Friday, when Forex trading takes place. Not just look at data results on the paper, which might even be fabricated to begin with. This data is just too unreliable to trust. 

Many robot marketers say their forex trading robots work with all brokers and all currency pairs or other trading instruments in all market conditions. Without going into the details of this flawed approach, believe me they both don’t do this and it is inefficient, sloppy and unprofitable. However, SCALPING FX ROBOT system works best with the two most common pairs – GBPUSD and EURUSD – and the spreads are very low with most MT4 brokers, beginning from 0.5 pips. The spread can be even as much as 3 pips, and the robot can still make money, although best results are produced with fixed spreads of 1-2 pips.

However, it is also possible to trade other pairs with low spreads, e.g. USDCHF, USDJPY, etc., but best results are achieved with GBPUSD and especially EURUSD since most brokers have low spreads for this pair.

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SCALPING FX ROBOT is designed to remove the “risk factor,”  the fear of losing and the fact of losing. Stay relaxed. Use the SCALPING FX ROBOT on your platform and lie on the bed and watch a movie. Or lie on the beach and read a book and log in to see how your SCALPING FX ROBOT is accruing you trade profits. 

The “SCALPING FX ROBOT” executes trades usually every 2-10 minutes and one trade is open usually for a few seconds, but if you want to keep a low profile and not to over-trade, you can execute orders every 15-30 or more minutes. Or you can only execute potentially high profit trades. Normally it takes 1-3 pips profits very frequently, but it is possible to set it up so instead of many small trades of 0.1 lots, it trades 1.0 or 2.0 or even 5.0 lots of mostly 5-10 pips profits from time to time. The “SCALPING FX ROBOT” is very flexible and powerful. 

The robot can be pre-set for beginner traders. More advanced traders can change: the Order Size and Entry Gap allowing only high-profit trades to be open, meaning less trades, but higher profits. The Entry Gap can have values from 0 up, even 5 or more , but in normal conditions 2 to 3 would be considered very high. Over that almost no trades can be open, maybe only during Economic News release times. 

It will not only make money for you. It will make sure you don’t loose money in case of some unexpected movements on the market or broker’s tricks or mistakes. It possesses a RISK MANAGEMENT function which ensures you don’t loose your capital and winnings. It can be pre-set to e.g. 5% making sure, that if you started with $ 1,000 and made $ 5,000 profits, you will not loose more than $ 300 which is 5% of $ 6,000. The “SCALPING FX ROBOT” will stop trading and will give you a message about the problem that occurred and you will know what happened on the market. So you never need to worry that you go to sleep or work and after coming back all your money is gone like with many other robots or systems. It’s wonderful, isn’t it?

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Forex Income Engine Trade Alert Software is the third version of most popular Forex Income Engine course created by Bill Poulos and his son Greg Poulos. Now this home study course is supplemented with sophisticated trade alert software designed to scan the forex charts, alerting you to ideal setup conditions that are compatible with Forex Income Engine trading principles. Read my review here:

Forex Income Engine Trade Alert Software Review

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HTC Desire Z Meets Customers Supreme Expectations

The HTC Desire Z comes with a powerful camera with auto focus, LED flash and check quality. It features both Geo-tagging and face detection technology. There is a primary camera but no secondary camera. There is also a stereo FM radio with RDS technology. It is also hosting games and also has A-GPS support as well as having Java through third party application. It is also having video playback facility together with hosting HTML browser facility. It is available in the Black colour to suit consumers tastes.

This mobile is a leading offering from HTC which is renowned for making high quality mobiles that feature new and innovative features appealing to many different types of consumers. HTC mobiles are known for several innovative features such as the ability to switch panels, merging contacts on different social networking sites, and new interactive widgets. These multimedia features make it popular among youthful customers who seek to find different uses for their mobiles. At the same time these mobiles are not for those seeing their mobiles simply as instruments for communication.

Mobile phones are no longer simply communication instruments but seek to provide users with a multimedia experience where they get to use their mobiles according to their different interests and requirements. It is made of aluminium unibody casing and has interesting features such as digital compass, dedicated search keys and Google Search along with Maps and Gmail. There is also You Tube, Google Talk and Picassa integration. It also hosts Facebook and Twitter together with voice memo dial and predictive text input.

It is also having unique features of extended talk time going up to 430 hours in 2G and 430 hours on 3G. It is having a talk time going up to 9 hours and 50 minutes on 2G and up to 6 hours 40 minutes in 3G. Mobiles are principally communication instruments and the HTC Desire Z is also meeting the requirements of consumers in terms of extended talking time options for users through different plans.

The different plans being provided by different service providers are aimed at ensuring that consumers can text or call according to their usage preferences. There are those preferring to call more while others maybe more comfortable with sending sms messages more. These preferences may also be influenced by the changing status of users through means such as occupation and residency. There are multiple options before consumers both in terms of the handsets manufactured by HTC as well as the different plans that are available on these.

HTC Desire Z deals also has a touch interface using interface technology. HTC Sense technology is used on this mobile. The personalization and the customization of the interface are new features. The most important addition is the inclusion of cloud based services. Also the home screen can be loaded with numerous widgets. With the profiles having different functions.

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Most popular Nike Sportswear auctions

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Streetwear Style for Autumn

Traditionally, autumn has always been a great season for streetwear and urban fashion. The cold weather gives designers the perfect opportunity to really showcase their talents and experiment with new styles, colours and textures – and this season is of no exception.

Over the last few years, streetwear and urban fashion has experienced somewhat of a shift in trend; it has cleaned up its image and taken a far more sophisticated direction. Although there have been hints of it on the catwalk, this is the first season where this developing trend is being properly represented for the first time.

Particular attention has been paid to the cut and fit of the autumn collections; in order to create straight, clean lines and give the appearance of a ‘tailored’ silhouette. There are unmistakable nods to vintage fashion; reflected in the use of textured fabrics such as yarn, tweed and wool, all of which has resulted in some incredibly rich and tactile collections. The workwear influences, which are never too far away in the world of streetwear, have also been utilised to full effect this season.

Many designers have focused on creating looks that can effortlessly make the transition from outdoors to indoors and from work to play, without sacrificing on warmth or style. So, it can be of no surprise that many brands are taking the ever-popular camo/military trend and simply running with it. Not only does it allow you to create functional and practical looks, but military style also lends itself perfectly to the more sophisticated direction that streetwear appears to be taking.

The use of colour this autumn focuses on drawing attention to the richness and textures of the fabrics used, so expect to see lots of rich earthly colours, such as reds, browns, greens and burgundies. Burnt oranges, mustards and teals are also proving to be particularly popular – they add that all-important splash of colour and make the outfits really ‘pop’.

All of this season’s trends demonstrate the undeniable fact that streetwear is not only growing up, it is becoming gentrified and maturing to the point of refinement, not unlike a fine wine. However, this is not for one second, to say that the medium has lost its way, or ‘sold out’ its roots. In actual fact, quite the opposite is true.

One of the reasons why streetwear continues to be truly exciting is because of its inherent ability to evolve, and reflect the ever-changing sub-cultures that inspired its own inception. Streetwear, like youth culture, is by its very nature unpredictable, and must inevitably change. It is this simple fact that inspires much of the originality that is so fundamental to the medium. This is just one of the many reasons why streetwear has always been, and will continue to be, at the very forefront of innovating fashion.

 If you’d like to check out some of the latest designs in streetwear and urban fashion, then Street Casuals stock Obey Clothing (www.streetcasuals.com/43_Obey)  and have 18 years’ experience in supplying urban clothing all across the UK. Street Casuals supply clothing from global brands including The Hundreds, Rebel8, Dunderdon and Vans.

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